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Military Division

Our Military Division works directly with various countries and Military supply contractors delivering quality, pricing and inventory that is second to none. One of our best selling engines to Military users are the GM 6.2L and 6.5L engines. We offer these engines in both New and Remanufactured as well as a high performance version to satisfy any mission. Our high performance version is an excellent choice for HMMWV repower and HMMWV recapitalization programs. Horsepower ranges from 205 up to 400 and torque as high as 550 lb. ft..

In addition to engines we are able to offer boats for Military, Police and Government use fromDonziFountain and Pro-Line.


We offer an extensive range of durable, mission specific fiberglass composite crafts customized to meet the demanding needs of government and commercial professionals.

Craft offered by US Engine Productions, Inc Military Division utilize commercially available off the shelf hull forms that are customized for government and industrial applications. These purpose built fiberglass composite craft share the superior performance characteristics of their recreational counterparts but differ significantly in their construction, layout and features. A broad range of base models are available from 20' to 47' with a wide variety of options to configure the craft for the intended mission.

From inland waters, to ports, offshore and on the high seas, US Engine Productions, Inc Military Division stands ready to provide you with the craft, service and support you need to successfully perform your mission.

Donzi Boats are offered in Center Console and Pilot House configurations ranging from 23' to 38' in length. Fountain boats are offered in Center Console, Interceptor and Pilot House configurations ranging from 31' to 47' in length. Pro-Line boats are offered in Bay, Center Console and Dual Console ranging from 20' to 26' in length.

Donzi Center Console Boats

  • Donzi Center Console boats are offered in 23', 27', 29', 32', 34' and 38' lengths with horsepower ratings from 400 and up to 825. Top speeds range from 50 MPH to in excess of 75 MPH making them ideal Interceptor/Interdiction and Patrol Boats.

Donzi Pilot House Boats

  • The 340 Pilothouse is the ideal patrol boat for the wide range of Law Enforcement, Rescue and Homeland Security missions required of today's marine operators. 
  • With a well ventilated fully enclosed cabin, the 340 Pilothouse is a trailerable, all weather craft equally capable of sitting on station, patrolling, running intercepts or boarding vessels. Configured with twin engines, the 340 Pilothouse is capable of speeds in excess of 50mph with a range of 400+ NM. With triple engines, speeds in excess of 60mph are attainable. The 340 Pilothouse can handle both calm inshore and rough offshore conditions with ease.

Fountain Center Console Boats

  • Fountain Center Console boats are offered in 31', 32', 34' & 38' lengths. Fountain allows you to customize a boat to meet your agency's needs. Some standard features include deck and boarding lights, electric toilet with holding tank, SmartCraft gauges, trim tabs with indicators and T-Top with radio and electronics box.

Fountain Interceptor Boats

  • Fountain Interceptor boats are available in 38', 42' and 47' lengths and capable of speeds in excess of 88 MPH. In the high speed environment of securing our nation's shoreline, law enforcement agencies require faster and better rough water boats to accomplish their missions. Fountain's line of Interceptors has emerged as the premier line in law enforcement, protecting the coast and waterways of our country. Fountain has produced many versions of these boats for various government agencies.
  • Interceptors are built with the same technology that has given Fountain total domination over our competition in the rough water world of offshore racing for the past two and a half decades. We have notched more wins that the largest 100 boat builders combined. Fountain has broken our own world V-bottom speed record seven times and we currently hold every twin-engine V-bottom world speed record.
  • Fountain offers many top configurations including canvas with full enclosures, a collapsible bimini or a half tower with 3 piece enclosure.

Fountain Pilot House Boat

  • Our world championship hull is a proven rough water design, built to maximize efficiency and deliver a smooth stable ride.
  • The 38 Pilot House is capable of top speeds up to 68 MPH with triple Mercury 300 Verado outboards. Perfect for inland or offshore use, the 38 PH will cruise at 45 to 50 MPH, giving you a range of 400+ miles with our standard 360 gallon fuel capacity.
  • Fountain can easily extend the range in excess of 700 miles with our additional fuel option. Our reverse chines, flared hull sides and high freeboard hulls divert spray away from the boat to provide a dry comfortable ride.
  • Fountain allows you to customize a boat to meet your agency's needs. Some standard features include a spacious pilot house equipped with four electric drop down bolster seats, custom guide rails to aid in searches, a rear opening rescue door, spacious cabin with stand-up headroom and an enclosed head with toilet and sink. So if your department or division is looking for a boat that is fast, safe, dependable, efficient and cost effective, Fountain is your only choice.

Pro-Line Bay Boats

  • Pro-Line Bay Boats are offered in 20' (2000BB) and 22' (2200BB) length
  • The 2000BB and 2200 BB as well as all Pro-Line craft are designed to be simple, rugged and reliable. Construction of the 2200BB's low maintenance, well performing craft begins will a hull manufactured using F.I.S.T. - Fiberglass Integrated Structural Technology. F.I.S.T. hulls are completely wood free and utilize fiberglass and high density closed cell foam coring. This results in an exceptionally strong hull with no potential for wood rot.
  • F.I.S.T. hull construction, practical designs and quality hardware and components are the reasons Pro-Line is the favorite of commercial and government professionals who require a quality, no-frills boat
  • The 2200BB has been designed to provide operators with the safest and most capable craft possible for some of the most demanding work on the water.

Contact US Engine Productions, Inc Military Division today and begin the process of designing a 2200 BB for your team.

Pro-Line Center Console Boats

  • Pro-Line Center Console boats are offered in 20', 23', 25' and 26' lengths to meet the needs and demands of Military, Police and Rescue agencies. 
  • Pro-Line Dual Console Boats
  • The 2200 DC is the ideal all-weather boat for a wide range of Law Enforcement and Work Boat applications.
  • The 2200 DC is an easily trailerable craft with a dual console design allowing the boat to be operated from a seated position. An excellent inland waters craft with a moderate Deep V hull, open cockpit layout, and fixed windshield, the 2200 DC can be configured with canvas during inclement weather to enclose the cockpit and provide outstanding weather protection. During warmer weather, the canvas can be removed allowing for a free flow of air through the cockpit area.
  • Easily handled by a single operator, the 2200 DC has outstanding visibility from the helm and offers easy access over the bow. Multiple dry-storage compartments allow for the stowage of a huge amount of gear and equipment.
  • The 2200 DC comes with an extensive complement of standard equipment and has a long list of options to include law enforcement equipment, shock mitigating seating, dive door, electronics, towing gear and much, much more. With optional engines the 2200 DC can reach speeds in excess of 48 MPH.

Please contact Eric for more details.

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